A wind was blowing through my bones

That could only be stopped

by sinking my face into a half-pound hamburger

eaten in hungry chunks like a smaller scavenger:

Coyotes tearing at the belly, with wolves coming soon,

ravens pecking out the eyes before vultures tilt out of clear blue sky.


None of this New-Age-advised baby bites with pauses for gratitude.


The first meat after months of good-for-you salad-y vegan food

Nuts and beans and beets that I’ve almost trained myself to like.


Our bodies, just tubes of guts and bone and muscle

need something substantial to grip.


I’ll say I’m ashamed of this occasional lapse

and feel sorry for the lives of the enslaved animals whose flesh it is.

But the dark ancestral heart of me remembers sequestering every calorie,

even marrow and gristle and nasty organ meats.

Meat meant the dying times were staved off for another week,

The difference between leopard teeth marks on our fossil bones, or ours on his.


Sue Boudreau June, 2017